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Posted by Klaus Schottenhamel Mar 11, 2014 12:08:00 PM

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Colonel Chris Hadfield (Retired) gave the Opening Keynote at the Canadian Construction Assocation's 96th Annual Conference. The first Canadian to walk in space, Chris was passionate and sincere as he shared his life lessons on leadership, teamwork, collaboration, science and technology -- all the attributes that make for a successful construction project.


Chris Hadfield CCA


Chris doesn't need me to promote his resume of achievements of which there are many. But, he has garnered a number of 'firsts.' In 1992, he was among the first chosen as Canada's second class of astronauts. In 1995, he became the first Canadian to use the Canadarm and the first Canadian to board a Russian spacecraft. The first Canadian to perform two spacewalks in 2001, in 2013 he also became the first Canadian to command the International Space Station (ISS). During that ISS mission he chronicled life aboard the space station, took pictures of earth and posted them to Twitter and Facebook -- all of which demonstrates IMHO how he's always leveraging technology for a greater good.

And then there is his Space Oddity YouTube video, which has has become legend with over 21 millions views and still going strong. The guitar, which used in that video, was auctioned at the CCA Conference in Panama and raised $15,000.00 for the Ecole Lakay project in Haiti.

Chris Hadfield Guitar

The funds raised by this auction is just another example of the great things that construction companies are capable of achieving. And, while singing may not be one of our strengths (speaking for myself, of course), Chris was able to rally all the CCA delegates in singing the Canadian National Anthem. A truly great moment.



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