Chris Hadfield -- More Highlights from CCA Conference

Posted by Klaus Schottenhamel Mar 11, 2014 12:08:00 PM

Canadian Construction Association


Colonel Chris Hadfield (Retired) gave the Opening Keynote at the Canadian Construction Assocation's 96th Annual Conference. The first Canadian to walk in space, Chris was passionate and sincere as he shared his life lessons on leadership, teamwork, collaboration, science and technology -- all the attributes that make for a successful construction project.


Chris Hadfield CCA


Chris doesn't need me to promote his resume of achievements of which there are many. But, he has garnered a number of 'firsts.' In 1992, he was among the first chosen as Canada's second class of astronauts. In 1995, he became the first Canadian to use the Canadarm and the first Canadian to board a Russian spacecraft. The first Canadian to perform two spacewalks in 2001, in 2013 he also became the first Canadian to command the International Space Station (ISS). During that ISS mission he chronicled life aboard the space station, took pictures of earth and posted them to Twitter and Facebook -- all of which demonstrates IMHO how he's always leveraging technology for a greater good.

And then there is his Space Oddity YouTube video, which has has become legend with over 21 millions views and still going strong. The guitar, which used in that video, was auctioned at the CCA Conference in Panama and raised $15,000.00 for the Ecole Lakay project in Haiti.

Chris Hadfield Guitar

The funds raised by this auction is just another example of the great things that construction companies are capable of achieving. And, while singing may not be one of our strengths (speaking for myself, of course), Chris was able to rally all the CCA delegates in singing the Canadian National Anthem. A truly great moment.



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Highlights from Canal Day at the CCA Conference in Panama

Posted by Klaus Schottenhamel Mar 10, 2014 11:50:00 AM


CCA Canal de Panama

The annual Canadian Construction Association Conference is the leading thought leadership event for Canadian construction companies. As a member of the CCA, B4 Consulting is proud to support this prestigious program and its 96th annual event, which is being held in Panama (March 8-14).

Partnering with the CCA helps to advance awareness and adoption of innovative technologies that can have a meaningful impact on construction companies. Today, regardless of their size, construction companies should be capitalizing on a wealth of proven technologies, which create integrated end-to-end business solutions that drive building excellence and improve profitability.

Building excellence and innovation are manifested in the Panama Canal construction project - a construction project like no other. Considered to be one of th world's most difficult and challenging engineering projects, the Panama Canal is a 77.1-kilometer-ship canal connecting the Atlantic Ocean (via the Caribbean Sea) to the Pacific Ocean.

Panama Canal

This year, the Canal celebrated its 100th anniversay. And, today it continues to evolve connecting people, cultures and commerce -- proving that mankind can build things to improve the world.  Innovative construction technologies, construction industry visionaries, and forward-thinking governments are the driving forces behind this magnificent structure and ideal. The Canadian Construction Association is a force for construction industry innovation as well and B4 Consulting is honored to be part of and contribute to the CCA community of technology visionaries.

Therefore, it is fitting that the 96th annual CCA conference was launched with some very impressive and one-of-kind tours of the Panama Canal. Joined by a host of Canadian construction industry executives, our team got a first-hand view of the Canal expansion on the Atlantic side with a look at the new locks and the Gatun Lake where ships will continue their course along the inter-oceanic waterway (shown here)

CCA Canal Expansion 3

Panama Canal Expansion


Canal expansion on the Pacific side is underway as well and I was thrilled to be part of a private tour of that construction. Here are some out-takes from this exciting project.

Panama Canal Expansion

CCA Canal Expansion 2


I hope to share more experiences from the CCA Conference in Panama. We are especially looking forward to our participation on a technology panel discussion --  Industry vs. Technology. During this session, we'll showcase our OutsideIn construction technology methodology. While you may not be at the CCA Conference in Panama, you can learn about our OutsideIn methodology -- just click on this link to register for your one-one-one session.

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